A 7 week group coaching program for service-based business women.


Learn the the repeatable marketing and sales strategies you need to consistently land clients.


The proven framework that's helped women just like you consistently hit $5K months, ditch their day jobs, scale to $10K cash months & so much more!


Ready for freedom? 

You're watching everyone else online hit $5K months, sell out their launches and wondering what the big business secret is.


→ You feel like all your success is riding on the next sales call you book.


→ You're working to stay motivated through all of the no's or even worse... the crickets that come when you talk about your offer.


→ You can't figure out how to talk about your offer without coming off "salesy" or "pushy"


→ You're tired of consuming content from 500 places online only to find that NOTHING seems to work.


→ You know you're missing some business pieces, but you don't even know what those pieces are and it's holding you back from getting started.


→ You have no idea what you're supposed to post on social media so you've been avoiding it.


→ You wish you knew how to convert your followers into clients so you can prove this isn't just some side hustle or pipe dream.

The proven group coaching program and framework that's helped women like you grow their audience and their income!


Ready for a life where...


⭐ Getting clients out of nowhere is your new reality? 

You're booked out for months at a time because your audience is so excited about YOU and what you sell?


Your income feels consistent and ever growing?? 


A 7 week group coaching program for service-based business women who want to learn repeatable marketing and sales strategies you need to consistently land clients.

    Building Your Brand

    How to define who you are, what you do and how you want to communicate that to the world so that YOU become one of the major reasons people want to buy your services (this foundation preps us to build everything else in your business). 



    Content to Cash

    How to create a social media strategy that guides your followers through their decision making process and converts them into clients. AKA everything you need to know about what to post and when!



    Growing Your Community

    How to pick the right social media platforms and grow your audience with loyal fans who are ready to pay you. Going from "Where do I find clients?" to "How can clients find YOU!" (Lead Generation 101 Baby!)



    Landing Your Programs and Packages

    How to create packages and programs, price them and position them in a way that makes it easy for your dream clients to say yes time and time again! We will cover your signature framework and competitive advantage so you always stand out. 



    Establishing Your Sales Process

    How to plan out what you're selling and when using a repeatable sales plan and strategy. Then I'm breaking down how you can start DM conversations with dream clients and convert them through a seamless process without feeling salesy or pushy. 



    Sales Call and Conversations

    How to run a sales call, handle objections and even land clients in your DMs using my signature sales call process that'll help you land paid in full clients.



    Q&A Call

    Each training call will come with a Q&A period, but this last call is open for any final questions you've had about everything you've learned over the past 6 weeks!! 



    🔥 6 training calls where I teach you everything you need to know to consistently land clients and grow your income


    🔥 A Q&A session at the end of the program to process everything you've learned and get 1:1 support


    🔥 Weekly homework and money making activity assignments to grow your business as you learn


    🔥 Access to a private community where you can connect, celebrate and ask Ashley questions throughout the program 


    🔥 Access to all call recordings




    • Quit my 9-5 in my first month of business

    • Build a multiple 6-figure business in just a year

    • Sell out my programs using organic marketing and NO ads

    • Grow my collective audience to over 20K followers

    • Receive weekly messages from dream clients who want to work with me

    • Build my literal dream business, team and life!



    💸 You finally know what you need to work on every day to hit this month's sales goals - the marketing, the sales, the weird business systems and processes.


    💸​ You've figured out why someone would choose you over your competition and your audience is ready to pick you every single time. 


    💸​ You realize $5K months & 6-figures aren't reserved for the elite - it can happen for anyone, including YOU.


    💸​ You wake up in the mornings to applications in your inbox and DMs from people asking how they can work with you.


    💸​ You generate new leads and inquiries, even when you're off the clock


    💸​ You create content and captions that turn your followers into clients


    💸​ You master DM conversations and sell without being "salesy" or "pushy"


    💸​ You confidently run sales call from beginning to end - pricing, objections & all


    💸​ You finally see a path to leaving your day job


    💸 A personal brand, mission and vision that will fuel your entire business


    💸 A product/service priced and designed for your ideal client to love


    💸 A repeatable process for finding clients on social media


    💸 A system to create content consistently that will help grow your audience 


    💸 A DM strategy that will turn friendly conversations into sales calls


    💸 A sales process that will help you identify the best clients and convert them with minimal objections






















    5 MONTHLY PAYMENTS | $1500



    Friend, I get it. When I finished my coaching certification with Inner Glow Circle, I had no idea how to take the skills I had and turn them into paying clients.


    I made all the mistakes you're probably making now... I was inconsistent on Instagram because I wasn't sure what to post... I didn't send DMs because I was afraid of looking like a pushy saleswoman... I had no idea how to handle the objections like "that's too much" or "hmmm... let me think about it."


    I got so mad when people said you could turn a new follower into a client in 48 hours or less... but then, I learned how to do it. Ya girl didn't go to business school, get a masters in communications and create an escape plan from the SEVEN years she spent in Corporate America to NOT be a successful coach.


    And I KNOW you didn't take a chance on yourself and decide you deserve a life full of financial and time freedom to NOT be a successful business owner.


    That's exactly why I created 9TOFREEDOM. I'm giving you a step by step guide to creating an offer you love and selling it out through repeatable marketing and sales strategy. 


    This is a tested framework that's helped me scale to consistent 5-figure sales months and allowed my clients to quit their days jobs, hit their own 5-figure sales months, make over $5K monthly in cash and so much more.

    What happens after I purchase?

    What access do I have to Ashley? 

    I'm worried about not getting support on group calls. How do you make sure I'm supported?

    How is 9TOFREEDOM different from other group programs?

    Can I join next time?

    How long do I have access to the program?

    You will have access to the 9TOFREEDOM call replays for a year.


    Private community support will end after 7 weeks. 

    Can I join if I don't have an offer yet?

    How can this program support new business owners and people just starting out? 

    What's the time commitment?

    Is there a guarantee?

    I'm still not sure. Can I talk to Ashley to see if this is really a good fit for me?

    You're ready to consistently land clients and ditch your day job if you can say "ME!" to at least 3 of the following...

    1. You're an online service provider 6 months or less into your business and want to hit the next level by finally getting a grasp on your marketing and sales processes... landing clients faster, with more confidence and consistency and less stress-eating granola in the middle of the night.


    2. You're a fairly new online service provider and want to build the foundation of your business right the first time, rocket launching you to the top of the online biz A-list. You don't want to spend time "paying your dues" or second-guessing if you're good enough. Call you Simba, because you just can't WAIT to be King... or in this case, Queen... and definitely a Queen who lands high ticket clients paid in full. 


    3. You're an online service provider who just hasn't hit that $5K month yet. Things are OK but you know they can be better. You know you're at the edge of you big break but need a little guidance, structure and community to get you there.


    4. You want to get results and master the lifelong skills that shift you from overnight CEO to bad ass Boss. Let's be real, doubting yourself really hasn't been serving you. And, I'm sure the freebies and googling has been fun, but time is money. Profitable skill sets that take you from writing captions and talking to people in the DMs to "see how it goes" to creating launch strategies and intentional and reliable lead generation in your business... that's fun. I think you'll love it. 


    5. You don't want to learn WHAT to do any more. You want to learn the HOW and the WHY behind everything you're implementing. You know that understanding why your executing certain strategies is the only way you can replicate your results for years to come. If you want a "holy crap... I just landed 5 clients from implementing one video training" moment.... then 9TOFREEDOM is the place you want to be. 

    Our first week of calls starts soon! Are you in?? 


    DISCLAIMER: For best results, undertake this program studiously and seriously and you may see incredible results - but none are promised or guaranteed.  We've made every effort to accurately represent the program we offer and its potential. However, we can make no guarantee of results, nor should you misinterpret the "ditch your day job" or "land high ticket clients" to suggest that you will grow your business by such an amount; in reality these claims represent the knowledge you will be educated to execute with success after completely our program and the additional results you may achieve similar to those we've achieved using the same techniques. Where a testimonial states or suggests results of any kind, you should not expect the same results unless you business, efforts and resources are exactly as the testimonial-giver. We avoid forward-looking statements, but if one is found, it is intended to represent our opinion of potential results.



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