When does coaching start?

There is no start or end date. We are constantly enrolling women who are the right fit! Your 10 week window starts the day you join.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Will I get 1:1 support from Ashley or is it all group based?

9TOFREEDOM is a hybrid between 1:1 and group coaching. During the program you will receive 6 private calls with Ashley to book when they work best for you! PLUS you will have weekly group coaching with her and the other 9TOFREEDOM women. If you have a smaller question, you can post it in the group and have it answered by Ashley within 24 hours. 


If your someone who wants even more 1:1 support, ask Ashley about the VIP option to gain unlimited 1:1 calls and unlimited Voxer access for on-the-go coaching.

What's the investment for this experience?

9TOFREEDOM is a 4 figure investment. We do offer payment plans for those who need it as well.

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