Get my complete done for you strategy that allowed me to book out my calendar and quit my 9-5 my first month of business!

Ashley Mielke

Business Coach


  • Stop second-guessing your social media posts

  • Stop wondering where to find your ideal client

  • Stop doubting your role as an expert

It's time to answer the age old question... how do I find my ideal client & get them on the phone?


  • Know exactly what to post on social media

    Speak to your ideal client as if you're reading their mind - acknowledging all their pain points & questions before they even have a chance to ask.

  • Attract your ideal clients with ease

    Stop spending time searching for clients and know how to get them to raise their hand and ask for your help.

  • Position yourself as an expert and book more sales calls!

    No longer will you be put in the friend zone. Get the strategy you need to highlight you and your solution as the only option, allowing you to book out your calendar.


Helping you to finally book out your discovery calls, without any confusion about the steps to do it.


10 Things You Need to Do On Instagram


Get the 10 things you NEED to talk about on social media constantly to both attract your ideal clients and position yourself as an expert with all the solutions to their problems.

#1 Facebook Strategy


Get the NUMBER ONE strategy I used to generate leads my first month of business - no website, no email list, no nada.


With one post, I attracted 50+ potential clients, seemingly out of nowhere.

Easiest Way to Build Community of Raving Fans


Get the steps you need to position yourself as an expert and create a community FILLED with people who are dying to work with you.

Stop wondering where your next client is coming from. Get the lead generation strategies that actually work for new business owners.

About Your Coach

Hi Friend!


My name is Ashley and I'm so glad you've found yourself on this Get Client Now Guide. I'm an ex-Corporate Marketing & Communications Guru turned Business Coach. After nearly 7 years of helping Fortune 500s turn a profit, I decided it was time to start helping the little guys - small business owners just like you! 


When I first launched my business I was STRESSED. I knew that if I could just get one person on the phone, they'd see how valuable working with me could be. The problem was, I had no idea how to get strangers on the internet to talk to me. After trying what felt like 8,000 different things - I finally found the 3 things that actually worked for me. Not only did they work, but they made attracting clients feel really easy. Within my first month of business, I was able to earn enough to replace my full-time income and quit my corporate job - Yay! 


Here's to those 3 strategies helping you do the same!


Sales & Success,








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